Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Holiday Shopping

Roaming the halls of the biggest mall on the East Coast seems like one of the best ways to spend the day shopping after the holidays. However, after playing two hours of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and getting only three hours of sleep due to Twilight... well, let's just say that it was a long day.

I spent the morning at the mall, doing returns, and then we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up materials for the project that my fashion class is working on after we come back from break. I spent about an hour there, and am pretty satisfied with what I got...
Then, my mom, sister and I met up with my dad and grandmother for dinner at Bahama Breeze. Afterwards, I went back to the mall to kill time while my mom and grandma went to do their own thing. It was ridiculously crowded, like school hallway crowded, and I must've seen at least a dozen people that I know. I bought a pair of jeans, but thta was all I bought from the actual mall, for each store was jammed packed, I'm talking about at leats a half an hour just waiting in line to try on clothes and pay for them.

Oh yeah, prior to dinner, I did stop by the Nordstrom Rask to kill time, and it too was crowded, but I found a couple things that were worth the wait. I can't wait until the whether warms up so I wear the skirt sans tights... Look forward to seeing these in a future outfit post...

So that was pretty much my day. How was your day? Feel free to comment. I don't bite, promise : )


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- Audrey Hepburn